Domestic & International Business Development

We are conducting business relating to education and development though laboratory and company cooperation.

Projects related to education

Power electronics, motor drive and power converter training and consultation

Toshihiko NOGUCHI

  • High-speed rotating motor
  • Various motors
  • Inverter control and hardware


  • High voltage source
  • Non-contact power supply
  • High voltage power conversion

Junichi ASAMA

  • Permanent magnet motor
  • Electro-magnetic actuator
  • Magnetically levitated bearingless motor

3-kW, 150,000-r/min Ultra High-Speed Permanent Magnet (PM) Motor

3-kW, 150,000-r/min Ultra High-Speed Permanent Magnet (PM) Motor

This is an ultra high-speed permanent magnet (PM) motor, which has specifications of 3-kW output power and 150,000-r/min maximum speed.

This motor also achieves the world highest level power density.

The motor is operated with a quasi-current-source inverter whose power source is 12 V; hence a low-voltage, a high-current and a high frequency are the most important keywords to describe its design approach.

Therefore, ultra low-inductance design is introduced to design the motor magnetic circuit, resulting in very high-efficiency of the electromechanical energy conversion.

Super thin and high-silicon electromagnetic steel plates are employed in the stator core, which contribute significant reduction of the
iron losses.

On the other hand, Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet is mounted on the
rotor to make a wide air-gap of few mm design possible.

Thanks to the above original design and theory, the maximum electrical efficiency excluding a mechanical loss reaches 97.6 %.

This motor can be applicable to superchargers and vacuum cleaners by combination with centrifugal compressors as load machines.

Related development projects

In-house development

Related to air-conditioning

  • Three-phase/single-phase power development
  • Inverter development

Related to automobiles

  • Propulsion machinery motor development
  • Propulsion machinery inverter development